Blog2018 ≫ Double car confusion

Not only did some unknown persons toot and wave at me this morning, while walking back from the school run, but someone approached me the other day regarding the beetle. I was getting petrol at the bottom of the road when a man came over making the "wind your window down" sign. I can't wind the window down but opened the door to speak to him. "I used to own this car, this very one, I fixed it up, it was a wreck!". Awesome and interesting, and a mad coincidence, is he from Portsmouth area then? We bought it in Gosport in 1991 so it must have been quite a while before that. Strange though as the family we bought it off said they had renovated it while they had it (at least given it a good new paint job). No, he says it must have originally been registered in Kent, and it was about twenty years ago. Twenty years ago is 1998 so either when Al had it rusting on his drive or when Dad had taken it back again, it never came to Kent in that time. The guy was sure it was the same car, same registration, but he went away confused, and so did I. Guessing he just misremembered and it was a similar number plate, but not the same. Could possibly be that he meant thirty years ago or more, but unlikely I think.

Can I find out where the car was originally registered?

No run today, might go out at lunch as it is quite nice. Am working from home today, as Clare is at Scotney Castle with work.

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