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A night out, with Cousteau...

No reason really NOT TO DRINK this week, but I'm having a go anyway, feeling generally run down, it's stressful work dealing with all the cheating on here - kids, and valued punters, please do not control more than one account, or I will FITE YOU.

Tonight I am in the company of SATAN, and also my friend Emma, going to a gig at Dingwalls (Cousteau, and also Elevator Suite), that will be the first test.

By Saturday, it'll be all over though, Scalarama (see news stories passim) starts at midday on Saturday, and flows on into the night with Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception featuring the MIGHTY Fighting Cocks with Daphne And Celeste's dancers (no really), and most excitingly of all an ALL STAR HORN SECTION... more details released later in the week... Start plannin your weekend trek to Kings Cross NOW!

💬 Cousteau

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