PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Go on, bunk off work

Free gig in Camden this afternoon...

There are still free tickets left for I Am Kloot and Alfie at The Barfly (Camden Monarch) today... PopEx has an important business meeting, coincidentally at 2.30, at... Camden Barfly.

To get tickets, just turn up, it's free, and the bar is open. I am Kloot are on first at about 3, and Alfie are on at about 6, so get out of work and RUN! Don't turn up for the Idlewild one without a ticket though, it's all SOLD OUT.

There might be more info at channelfly.com, and if you're going, seeya there, mine's a Stella.

💬 I Am Kloot


💬 Ew, I used to drink Stella!

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