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Busy day of work, lots of meetings, but at least I did not have to travel in to the office. First day in a month of not "having to" go out for a run either, so a bit more relaxed, a bit lazier. Now Febrewery is underway I could have really made something of this Thursday, but instead I just went down to my favourite, The Potting Shed in Hythe. Two pints of Hophead and then got the bus back in time for dinner. It was the first day of opening for this micropub also following a January break, so it was perfect. Lots of friendly faces in there too, I would have liked to stay longer.

Beer in the Potting Shed

I had walked down there, wasn't completely lazy, but I did see a bus past me and thought I could have saved fifteen minutes here. Checked on for Busses running East from The Potting Shed and was able to finish my drink, pay up, and jump right on one.

So my Febrewery list so far:

  1. The Potting Shed, Hythe.

Plumber came in the day too, took him about five minutes to fix these three radiators, so now we have full heat again. Just in time to not need the heating on until next Winter I expect.

Pay day today, and I will be taking more Febrewery scalps tonight.

Light cloud and a moderate breeze, 8 - 12℃.


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