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2.79 per pint for my home brewed cider so far...

The Cloud move at work went well last night, though we were there later than I had planned. Hope about 6:30, and then I woke again before 10:00 so I think I will be suffering later.

Decided to put today to good use starting off my home brew cider. Starting it nice and simple wtih this advice1 from I really hope it goes well as I have plans to make it more efficiently in future. If it is disgusting even after a few attempts I should give up though. I have made an fabulous spreadsheet, just like how Rimmer off Red Dwarf would probably have done, detailing the outgoings and the recipe and so on and the quantity it should make so I can work out how much per pint it is costing me. If the first batch is drinkable it will have cost me 2.79 per pint, including the sunk costs of the equipment I had to buy. If the next batch is drinkable that will have cost me 1.54 per pint a the current calculations, so it's worth keeping going as long as I can... When the spreadsheet has settled down I will share it.

I have found the shop cider I've been enjoying recently again, after Waitrose, Tesco, and Sainsbury stopped doing it - Asda came up trumps, it is Weston's vintage organic still cider, recommended, six or seven pounds for a three litre box. Significantly cheaper than my home brew so far.

Just waiting for my yeast, then I'm back to it.

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