Blog2010 ≫ Following the herds down to Greece

Doh people are dying in the Greek rioting, that's not good. Just setting fire to a bank is not going to help. Looks like the exchange rates are going in our favour, possibly as a result of this huge debt in the euro zone.

I thought up a great pun in the night for a subject that I was going to post today, but now I can't remember the pun, can't remember the topic, and am not really sure if I thought up this great pun or just dreamed that I did. And would there be a difference? Anyway, it's gone.

Good night's sleep last night, no upsets from the boy. We watched Luther, that was quite good if a bit predictable in places. Man alive though Stringer's English accent is even worse than McNulty's!

Don't forget to vote tomorrow people. My plan is to get up a bit early and vote before work, hope that works out. Don't think it's not worth voting because it's a foregone conclusion, please use your vote. I'm quite excited about it all, I wish I had Friday off like some friends do so I could stay up watching it come in.

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