Blog2008 ≫ Weather report part two

Ferocious rain woke us both up in the night, a proper downpour again. Clare got the fear that the weather might have resulted in our pilot light going out (it happened before), which would mean waking up to cold showers, so I got up to check on it. We both assumed it was just about time to get up anyway, but it turned out to be only 1am, so NICE, plenty more sleep.

Work has been HARD right now, working to an ever decreasing deadline on a new system to accept and send back SOAP for customers who were using this system to communicate with a company that we bought. Wasn't really familiar with SOAP before (no jokes, please), but now I am I don't like it. I like the idea, that it's all self describing, but it seems to be overkill in this situation. I'm sure I'll come to appreciate it at some point. This little project is ahead of schedule at the moment, which is great!

There's a full complement of Bergerac Oak furniture on ebay at the moment, someone's having a clear out of a sideboard that I'd like1 (we bought the smaller version to save a few quid and I regret it a bit), armchairs2, dining chairs3, a bench4, and a small table5. Only the sideboard has a high starting price, but that's an expensive piece of furniture to start with and it's all really nice quality, the rest are on 99p starts. Tempted, though we probably need to have fewer heavy pieces of furniture to be shifting around if we're thinking of moving.

When we got married we bought some [ebay=john lewis bergerac]Bergerac furniture from John Lewis[/ebay], two book cases, and I thought we'd eventually buy just this. It's very expensive, and a bit chunky, and now they discontinued it anyway. We bought a sideboard, that turned out to be a slightly different colour to the bookcases, ah well. I think we're better off with lighter furniture (lighter in colour, and in generallyless heavy feeling in sheer presence), but it's still lovely stuff. [ebay=john lewis bergerac]You might still get it here occasionally[/ebay].

Hmm no Mighty Boosh on YouTube6, I was looking for a little clip of Howard saying "drop in some Weather Report" but it's all been removed for copyright reasons, apart from this clip uploaded by the BBC7. Which I can't embed. Go get the DVD, watch it until you find that bit, and then come back.

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