Blog2010 ≫ His Holiness?

Just saw a reverend sign and buy a product for a thing I am working on, I am not sure if they're a genuine reverend but we have "Rev" in the title dropdown (alongside, Mr, Mrs, etc) so I'm sure people are tempted to use it... This led a cow-orker to point out this British Airways form1 that has quite a few more options... yeah I expect The Pope is in the executive club.

Also covered here2, people trying this out as a viral I suspect...

Confused as to what day it is today, it felt a bit Wednesdayish today, even though we cracked open the wine last night as it felt like it was Friday-Friday (Thursday) because this Friday is practically Saturday because I have half day, for the beer festival. Other colleagues mentioned they thought it was Friday today.

Speaking of Reverends, that TV show Rev is very good isn't it?

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