Blog2018 ≫ Happy Valentines day

Clare working today, we're having a lazy day at home recovering from our epic walks around London. Boys are playing Minecraft on the raspberry pi I don't think they will move far from that TV today. We fixed the weird minecraft screen offset thing by disabling overscan. Now it can go full screen again and they are happy.

Twenty years ago today I seem to have been at a Primal Scream gig, without Clare. It was a very late night thing, went with a friend Gaz to collect tickets from another friend Ade, I don't think the gig started until midnight.

Off to write up our epic London trip, but then got to somehow get some step count. While we were in London it was easy, I beat 30,000 steps in a day for the first time (Clare thinks by fitbit is faulty, and I do seem to have racked up more steps than her) but a day in the house it is going to be tricky.

raspberry pi: Credit card sized super cheap computer, awesome.

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