Blog ≫ 2004 ≫ Pop goes the gmail

Apparently POP3 access to gmail is available now, anyone know how? I just heard about it on the (otherwise very dry) Gilmor Gang podcast, but it's not documented anywhere.

Rumours are that they're not going to charge for it, so how's it going to work / what are they going to do then? Will each ad be laden down with ads? I guess this is the best way, and Google's text based ads (that pay for this site) aren't actually very heavy in terms of bandwidth or screen space. Looking forward to this, it'll make it easier to use more than one gmail account at once, guess that's not really the point though...

Found GPopper, which is going to become obsolete then.

Has anyone talked about POP3 access to GMail WITHOUT using that headline?

💬 gmail

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Mon Nov 15 2004

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