Blog2011 ≫ Dreams

Last night I dreamed about the Beatles.

Last night I dreamed (or is it dreamt1?) I was doing a quiz, for one of the questions we were given some sheet music or some tablature and we had to work out what song it was, and the only way we could do it was by trying to play it on the guitar. It turned out to be Blackbird by The Beatles. The other day I dreamed that all my colleagues who work in the next building had started kissing each other in greeting, I don't think they have. Also this week I dreamed I was doing a German lesson with Oz Clarke.

Not sure how important it is to document all these things, but if it turns out to be useful in future at least I've got it now.

Got the bus in today, everyone is busy. Clare has an extra day in work today as there is some big announcement and meeting (payrises all round I hope), and father-in-law who would normally come and collect the boy and me on these days is at the airport, collecting Kevin, Guiselle and Luke.

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