Blog2004 ≫ Not much going on today

Very quiet in the office today, and no plans ot go out tonight, it's recovery day. Mark1's birthday drinks tomorrow lunchtime, then off to Folkestone just in time to have missed helping Clare's bro' move house... feeling a bit guilty about that, as he was really helpful to me. Sorry mate, I will make it up somehow!

In with a chance of getting a cheap second hand iMac from work, hope it works out.

Hmm, N16 Mag are "currently reviewing all our links because a number of sites have either closed down or moved location. There are also a large number of new sites to include. For this reason we have pulled the old list and hope to have the new list up by 18 April"... What will happen when I eventually desert Stoke Newington permanently? Who will be around to provide you with the phone number of Il Bacio and the like..?

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