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Got the Wagamama cookbook yesterday, and am giving Yasai Itame a try today. It's a bit fiddly really, in terms of having to buy a whole load of ingredients I didn't have in, but hopefully it will be good, it's our favourite dish in Wagamama. Got a couple of issues with the recipe though, one of the "ingredients" is "coconut ginger sauce", which is a recipe in it's own right. In that recipe one of the stages says "add the mikku powder (see page 14)". There's no mention of mikku powder in the ingredients, and no mention of it on page 14 either, what's going on? In this discussion on they've had the same problems, maybe it's a typo and it's miso powder or something? Maybe I'll write and complain, we might get some vouchers or something...

Good weekend anyway, nice and long, we actually went to Wagamama again yesterday, and spent all afternoon in The Dolphin playing Trivial Pursuit.

Ooh Google notebook, that's new. A friend at work is working on something very similar to this, he'll be gutted...

UPDATE: Buy MSG here, or buy ve-tsin here.

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