Blog2007 ≫ Up to our HIPs (geddit?!?!?)

First off, huge trouble at the quiz at The Ship last night - the wife and I were on different teams, as we had friends with us. It was looking like Clare's team was going to walk the mini quiz with a straight ten out of ten, and we'd got one wrong, so it seemed like a funny idea to pick holes in one of their answers so they'd lose a half mark - can't have anyone scoring a perfect ten, we usually only get five or so in this. Our quibbling was upheld, and they were docked a quarter of a mark. UNFORTUNATELY, another team scored the maximum, so my amusingness lost our house a bottle of wine. I have learned my lesson I think.

Busy at work again, that's good, battling an annoying google map problem in IE, someone's slipped some javascript into a site that stops all the map images loading, that's not good.

New site, my cousin Lee's Portsmouth energy assessor12 business. They've been knocked back a bit by the government's fumbling of the home information packs3, but best of luck to them, I'm going to try and assist a bit with their website.

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