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⬆️Chaos on the bus x od..ay and itx.s plsslng down.Mein a t shirt too...

And here's how that was before I tidied it up:

Chaos on the bus x od..ay and itx.s plsslng down.Mein a t shirt too... Writing this using Hne transcribes' feature of the new toyas I can touch typeso 1 find the little keyboard slow s I I Not quite gor to grips with it yet as my writing is5Ho(FIN9 (that should say snaking J F . - I - 1 - ten past eight and so.1lonhhl tube, not good. Picked up the sonic fro , mouse scorer or the way in. Don't have too much faith in it though. Kind of predictable report from pop bitch below- Pde Doherty was meant lo play Bar Hy last night. But noshow He isbooked in for Thursday too bor i wonder it thekids will have snag patience left Poor mugs who bought Foot tickets on Ebay no refund tot them. Might be ott to 5uga sug a thatday any way for the returrot the P.opbitch soiree. Lopin 's good.

Babyshambles at Barfly tonight predictably ended up in a no-show from Pete. According to member of the roadcrew, he had done a secret gig earlier in the night, "got paid, got fucked and fucked off". Poor the hyper-dedicatIt'5 better Xor me thaned indie kids. "Never trust a junkie" was their rallying cry as they filed out - I think this may be the tipping point in the fans' perception of him tbh. Ah well, fuck em, I've got fois gras on toast for a bedtime snack so what do I care? cunty london media cackle

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So. On the way home again now. Thisidea of blogging

from public

Transport will work better when I sync at work) as well as from home.Andwhen 1 learn to write"4.

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