Quiz night at the Drum Inn, Thursday 1st Oct

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Quiz night at the Drum Inn, Thursday 1st Oct

This Thursday, get in quick

Short notice, but enjoy if you go it is for charity... a fish supper as a prize is an odd one, unless you're pretty confident of winning won't you eat before you go? Or are they hoping to sell a meal to everyone who doesn't win? Oh, I guess you don't have to eat your prize on the night... The food in The Drum is good.

Ray and his team of question setters are working hard to get everything finalised so it promises to be a fun evening. Michael and Suzi (landlords of the Drum) are kindly providing us with a snack at minimal cost and giving away a fish and chip supper to the winning team.

All money raised from the evening will go to the Kent MS Therapy Centre, Canterbury which is a charity that relies heavily on fundraised income. We have 24 people doing a sponsored bike ride in Jordan in less than two weeks and the money raised from the quiz night will be credited to my sponsorship target for this event but as all my costs are covered every penny of this money will go to the charity.

There will also be a raffle on the evening with the chance to win some great prizes.

Please do all you can to help get a few more teams as the more we have will mean we will raise more money to help provide therapies for people with MS in Kent. Also it will be a great night out so everyone is a winner.

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