Blog2018 ≫ Full run this morning

Stayed up a bit late last night discussing holiday plans, seems there are two excursions that are falling nicely into place for the holiday I can't discuss yet. One is a trip out to a historical site (yeah we are fun) that I thought was going to be too far to do but is not. The other is one of the boys' dream thing and we can do it actually at the place we are staying... Mysterious eh? We will tell them about it soon then can go into more details.

Anyway still up at out at 7am today and ran to Waitrose and back, so the full route. It was hard work, I wanted to quite before I'd even got to Hythe but kept going, and kept up a good average pace.

Clare working again today, not sure what to do. I have a list of jobs to do but am keen to go out too. If these boys spend the whole day in the house they get bored but won't admit it, and start causing trouble. I'd like to go into Hythe again, but because we went to Sunshine Cafe yesteray, they have now made this link and think they'll be getting burgers and milkshakes again.

No Sainsbury's delivery today as we could not get a slot so I have to go somewhere.

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