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The Rugby was great, made for quite a long and tiring day, but a fabulous experience being there1 for an international. The Wales v France game put paid to either England or Ireland winning the 6 Nations2 so it wasn't quite such an important game. I'd not quite settled into who to support when England scored their first try. Clare was rooting for Ireland, though I was happy to join in the singing for both sides. We left the game 5 minutes or so before the end, and missed the disputed try that won it for Ireland, gah - we are not being forgiven for this back home. Man alive though, it was cold and we were worried about being caught up in a queue to get on a train, post match.

Got back in time to catch up with friends coming out of the comedy club so we had some pool and darts and late drinking back at ours.

Just seen that Portsmouth won 4-2 in the end, we caught a bit in the pub when it was 2-0 and I thought that must be about it... Also Folkestone Invicta3 won this weekend too!

There's an alpha release of Firefox 2.0 out now, still lots of extension incompatibilities though so might not install that yet. I'm starting to rely on my extensions, there's some fabululous stuff out there4. Still getting into Foxylicious5 right now which synchronises my bookmarks with my actual firefox bookmarks, though it can do more, it's not integrated as well as the extension6. Those guys should get together... Most useful is Flashblock7, lets me decide what Flash should run on a page. I'm not completely into Adblock8, as I have a bundle of ads propping up my on my own pages.

What else? Oh yeah some Folkestone gig history updates, valuable eye witness accounts of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Tofts. Also, a fine way to spend $150,0009.

Now work.

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