Blog2008 ≫ I must have something more interesting to write about than php?

Um, no, perhaps not.

I got a new hard drive at last, after all the problems I had with the ibook and having to send it back, I didn't rush into getting another backup job, but I saw a bargain at Maplin Seagate 500GB FreeAgent, and it seems to be working fine, plug it in and it contains all the software it needs. This is on a PC, I'm sure it's fiddlier on the Mac. If you sign up to the maplin newsletter they send you a voucher you can use against it too, so I ended up paying half the price of the ibook for four times the storage. You might get it cheaper on Amazon if you don't have the voucher, prices are changing fast.

Also, I dreamed in the night that I had a hair growing out of the top part of my ear, so I just checked, and I did, weird. It was not growing I don't think, but sometimes you get a hair that wedges itself into your skin, that's what must have happened. This reminds me of the time I lived in New Cross and dreamed that the communal bin shed had burned down, and when I went outside it had. Also I woke up with my shoes on, smelling of petrol. No, that last bit is a lie, but that's at least TWO psychic flashes now. Why can't I get a useful one?

Speaking of unforseen circumstances, there's been a "restructuring" at Channelfly / MAMA Group. You may remember that's where I worked previously, up until two years ago when popex was restructured out of their corporate plans and I was redundant. The guy who was my boss then is off, and so is the editor of The Fly, the company mag. Good luck to them both. The guy who was boss above all us, CEO or something was "restructured" about a year before. Waiting for the gossip from a friend who is still there, but he's on holiday. I think Niall Doherty (who looks about 11 in that picture, and is not actually much older) is to become the new editor.

I still have shares, they're doing nothing, bah. Time to check last weekend's lottery ticket and then most likely head to work...

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