Blog2018 ≫ I have published my slack-fitbit-wifi thing

So, if you are interested in using Fitbit, Slack, and want them to talk to each other:

[npm](/wiki/#npm) install [slack](/wiki/#slack)-bit

then you can


to update your Slack status based on what wifi hotspot you are connected to (handy at work, to keep other people updated with what building I am in or when I am at home), or:


to post your Fitbit run stats as your slack status.

Code is all here1, knock yourself out.

Don't actually knock yourself out.

UPDATE: actually needs rewriting, not sure I can do it this way at all. It needs too much access, and work are disallowing these old style access keys. I can do it as a "slack app", but then I think I need a server to run it on, otherwise I have to distribute the secret key for the app. Needs more thought...

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