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Hi, I am trying to track down my paternal great grandfather Robert Clarke. Because my grandfather died in 1942 when my dad was not yet 2 yrs old we have very little info except what i recently have managed to uncover. Robert is the son of Harry Clarke and Mary Ann Martha nee Ray. Harry was born 1852 in Cosham and he is the son of Henry and Maria nee warren. Robert was a bit 'fly' by what we can gather. he had a marriage ceremony with Florence Crouch of Kings Somborne but the marriage was not official and Florence was able to obtain a maintenance order for Thomas in 1917 when Thomas was about 4. They had 2 daughters older than Thomas so an order was needed as they were of working age. However Robert disappears from my records and we don't know where he went, if he remarried and if we have any half siblings of Thomas. My dad had no full blood siblings and we spent many years as a small family as his mum remarried and he was excluded from the new family which existed until my grandmother's death 3 years ago. we would love to make some connections and would love any help. I was contacted by a distant relative 3rd cousin or so who helped me sort out a tree and with that info we go back to Abraham Clarke 1720ish. Help? Regards Karen Cresswell nee Clark(e)


💬 We have Clarkes in Cosham at that time

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