Blog2010 ≫ Has felt like a tiring week

Dull blog post, with added asbestos.

Probably just hay fever making me feel not-quite-ill but a bit under the weather. It's turned a bit greyer today though still nice enough out. The walk to and from the station is a bit fresher than it has been but still no call for a jacket. I must remember today though not to walk back to the station as Clare is picking me up after work. This was the plan last week too, but I forgot and headed home while she came here to meet me, oops.

Watching some of the football today while at work, Germany are not having a good game are they? It's half time as I write this and they're 1-0 down to Serbia. Not watching all of the games though, in the evenings this week we have gone back to Inspector Morse for entertainment. We still have a few Cadfael1s and The Wire that we have not seen yet, but not many, so we are drawing them out. I thought I'd remember all the Inspector Morse stories too well, but we've picked a few out of the middle that I don't.

I think The boy has another tooth on the way, a top one this time. This will make four. We can't see or feel the tooth but the gum looks different in that one place. He's such a little smasher exactly how he is, I hope he doesn't change as he gets more teeth and hair. I like him looking like a little Brian Moore (the rugby commentator, if you are googling).

House business is still ongoing, though we got a note from the neighbour that manages the freehold that says they've had a quote for 16k to remove asbestos... I assume this is as a result of the survey that our buyer did, though they've not mentioned anything to us. I think it better not to disturb the asbestos (which I'm guessing must be up in the roof, not in our middle floor flat) and hope it is not delaying the sale. They're seeking other quotes for the removal, but I've suggested just not disturbing it. I don't think there is 16k in the company bank account (company owns the freehold, we flat owners own the company) so if they want us to chip in to those costs, I don't really have the money. It will be a right pain if it comes to a head.

UPDATE: it was as a result of the previous potential buyer's survey, and there is no 16k to be paid nor asbestos to be removed, it was a false alarm. Sounds like some scaremongering by tradesmen, tut. We will be getting a fire alarm system installed in the building though, but the cost of that is more like one thousand pounds... Fifteen grand saved!

Cool for only 3000 I could hire Brian Moore2. He is a qualified solicitor, maybe he can speed up the property chain...

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