New Dodgy Album out this week

New Dodgy Album out this week

The new Dodgy album "Real Estate" was released today... this is the one that was made available by the fans investing in the "Mighty Dodgy Vibe"... 11.99 from HMV1... Also check out the official site much work gone in to it this weekend2...

Recommendation of the week HAS to be "Rings Around The World" by the Super Furry Animals, the first album to be released simultaneously as a CD (12.99 at HMV AND a DVD... Mrs Pauly, if you are reading this, this is what I want for my birthday...

Room for a little one, right now we are listening to Badmarsh and Shri's "Signs", it's a bit good...

  1. there were HMV links here originally, must have been some advertising / promotion deal
  2. Kosso used to do the website at this point I think
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