Blog2009 ≫ Could these baby gadgets cancel each other out?

Or even FIGHT? Babysense VS Slumber Bear

Now we have Slumber Bear1 I wonder if he will cause some sort of conflict with the Babysense monitor1? We have both, and they are both great, but I wonder... Babysense monitor1 gives a warning and then an alarm goes off if baby gets out of bed / cot / pram (or if something less thinkable happens), it sits under the mattress and detects motion and heartbeat and things. Slumber Bear1 wakes up when it hears a sound or detects movement, including say if an alarm goes off. Slumber Bear1 is set to make heartbeat noises... So, could the alarm set off the bear, which in turn would pacify the alarm again?

I'm at work again today, away from my little family. It's lunchtime, but I can't have my food because there's a big presentation going on in the kitchen so I can't get to the microwaves :-( Off again tomorrow and then have a lovely ten days with Clare and the boy.

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