Blog2007 ≫ Hot weekend

Weekend was ace wasn't it? We started with a lunchtime pint with work at a nice pub called The Drum then a few drinks just the wife and me. Saturday we headed to The Whole World Cafe, and what do you know it was actually open this time? We were a bit previous on our other two visits. It's a nice place, not sure they're quite up to speed yet, but salads and coffee and juice were good, and it's nice decor and atmosphere. We also took a stroll round the town and down to the beach, and yes there were people sunbathing and swimming.

Saturday night we just sat in The Providence, which is OK, which is OK. I much prefer The Ship1, but at least the Provi is quiet enough to get a table and for us to be able to hear Clare's softly spoken dad speaking. I think we put the world to rights, I'm not entirely sure.

Sunday, up early, heading off to Twickenham. Engineering works on the trains meant we talked the aforementioned pa-in-law into taking us to Ashford in the car, so as to save an hour off our total journey. That didn't really work out quite so well as we'd have liked23, we were stuck in the jam for over an hour, missed our train, and Jim must have been regretting helping us out. We did eventually get to Ashford though, some people were held up on the motorway for five or six hours...

The rugby was absolutely brilliant, a high scoring game with most of the tries being scored down our end too. It really makes a difference being there on a sunny day, in great seats. Good work Andy on procuring the tickets.

The journey home was a bit slower, but still not too bad, so we extended the weekend a bit with a meal at Escondido, which was fantastic as ever.

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