Blog2010 ≫ John Lewis Bergerac Oak Sideboard

I earned more last month from linking to ebay than I did from selling that PSP

This is what I would buy1, if I were not just about to move from a flat with huge rooms and lots of space to a townhouse with small rooms and no space. We have the smaller sideboard, it is very nice, should have held out for this huge version.

Holiday writeup is coming along, will try and finish it when I have the day off tomorrow and can go through the photo's and things... Wait, what am I saying, of course I will be busy packing and doing jobs and things while Clare is at work, not loafing in front of the computer!

When we got married we bought some [ebay=john lewis bergerac]Bergerac furniture from John Lewis[/ebay], two book cases, and I thought we'd eventually buy just this. It's very expensive, and a bit chunky, and now they discontinued it anyway. We bought a sideboard, that turned out to be a slightly different colour to the bookcases, ah well. I think we're better off with lighter furniture (lighter in colour, and in generallyless heavy feeling in sheer presence), but it's still lovely stuff. [ebay=john lewis bergerac]You might still get it here occasionally[/ebay].

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