Blog2018 ≫ Got my Fitbit Versa, not super intuitive IMO

Found the Fitbit Versa a little frustrating to set up, had to run through it several times. Seemed to time out, or maybe the battery level dropped too low at points. Anyway all set up now but then usage of it was not super intuitive. I struggled to find the alarms, and was doing this late and night, and I needed the alarm for this morning's run! All good though. I like setting the new clock faces, it's like the newest version of the Pebble, I would not be surprised if it was identical. I haven't uploaded any music yet, apparently that is a pain to do, but I will see. Hoping I can automate that. It has built in wifi so I should not need to plug it in or anything to do that.

This morning's run was the straight twenty five minutes again. The Fitbit Versa has some new features including average time per mile live during the run and things. I did go faster today, I know because I had to run past home again before my twenty five minutes was up. I did find it harder, it was hot, and maybe I went too fast for me. Still did it though, still on track. Next run will be Sunday morning. Today I was up at ten to six, don't quite need to be up at that time on Sunday. Didn't quite need to be up at that time today actually, with there being no school and Clare being off.

Work is fine so far today. Is a super hot day, though I hear it is mental on the continent. Spoke to a colleague in France today and it's 37℃ there, and going to be 48℃ in Portugal today.

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