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Ah, the weekend, seems like so long ago now. Chocka at work this week, I am shut away in isolation for two weeks to work on a new project. Good to be without distractions of people coming up to my desk, and actually good to be so busy, it's making the days go quickly and we're making some good progress. Just time to report in here though.

Friday was a novelty, three people leaving from work (all from the same dept) so had a pub lunch at The County Members, and found that that pub has a pool table, well I never. After work went to one leaving do in Trashford, just for the meal part, quite good curry at Zarin, maybe a bit rich though. Then a friend was driving so we went on to another leaving do in Canterbury, a drink in Bramley's and then a couple more in The Foundry. Bramley's was good, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't, this time was the former, CRIKEY though, seven quid now for two pints! The Foundry was not good, I wouldn't recommend it, you have to go where the crowd are going on a work do though. Halloween and all, so lots of people were in fancy dress. The whole of Canterbury was heaving. Makes a striking change to Folkestone, which is generally quiet everywhere.

Saturday, bad weather, too bad for us even to be bothered to go to Canterbury. Got our shopping out of the way and sorted some mobile phone things - I beat the credit crunch by downshifting to a ten pounds per month tarrif, and Clare got a swanky new upgrade, including GPS and things. Lovely lunch in Chambers, very quiet in there though. Saturday night went to The Grand with family visiting form Ireland.

Sunday, went to see [abe]Susie Dent[/abe], part of Folkestone Literary Festival. Interesting and amusing, beset by technical issues, but good anyway. Spoke to her after the event, got my book1 signed. Her book, my copy of it, what I own. I picked up on something in her show and said I preferred the word droplifting

to shopdropping2 (opposite of shoplifting, leaving your product / flyer etc in someone's shop) and she wrote this down, so maybe it'll show up in later revisions of her book... Noticed [abe]John O'Farrell[/abe]) was appearing right after her, had a look at the book of his website1 which was on display, and RAH! I get a credit in it. Should have gone to his talk too really, can't fit everything in though.

Hmm, the service charge for our flat has just gone up 10%, that mostly negates my mobile phone savings :-(

Back to work, very busy.

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