Blog2010 ≫ 4am start today

No sickness just teething this time I think

I'm so knackered I might as well have stayed up and watched the rest of the snooker... The boy woke up screaming at 4am, not sick though just his teeth I think. I tried soothing him and went back to sleep but he started again so I drugged him.

Thought it might be crazy at work today when I heard there was a new volcano scare but it's not bad so far. Got a couple of big things going live today ideally, just waiting on final signoffs...

Clare's first big day at work today, first day after the weekend is their busy day.

I bought a suit at the weekend. I don't have many reasons to wear one, but have two weddings coming up. I thought I'd treat myself, so blew twenty five pounds on one from Asda, and spent the rest of my money on booze.

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