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BBC reports about a burgliar caught on a webcam, and the 11 month sentence he got... have a look at the homeowner Duncan Grisby's site with the original pictures on, in that third one down is the burglar doing that "pretending I'm just rubbing my eye, but really giving you the bird" thing?

I want something like this, going to find out what setup he has...

The Tears last night were better than before, though the crowd reaction was more muted. Saw Bernard Butler in the Phoenix theatre bar before the gig, and because we were sat there drinking and watching his every move, we missed all three of the other bands who were playing. No Suede songs. Yet.

Seemed a bit of a draggy journey into work today, though entertaining in it's own way. Saw some filming in a car park on Old Street, a couple were sat in a two tone Rolls Royce, that narrows it down a bit, keep an eye out. Then noticed some odd little doorways around the back of Farringdon station that look like they lead to another world... I think it must be just artist studios with quite smart front doors, though it's hard to imagine that there's a lot of space behind these doors, as the station is right there. You can kind of see a big silver dragon the roof, no idea what that's all about. Finally spied a little note stuck to the wall of Turnmills saying "The BBC is corrupt", and got OFFERED CREDIT in Brio coffee (can't find a website), as I didn't have enough money for coffee and a sandwich. Bless!

Cool: free wifi trial on trains, on the London to Brighton route it seems, let's have some of that on the Folkestone line...

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