Blog2007 ≫ Good weekend, to be sure

Shamrocks and shenanigans...

Work birthday outing on Friday night, so glad they'd picked Escondido, it was great. Then a couple of pints in Gate 28 and I could feel I was getting a bit too squiffy, so I called it a night early, didn't want to make a lasting impression on my first night out with new colleagues. I tried to go home, I really did, but then I bumped into a friend on the way so went back to The Ship and had a very nice evening. I think.

Yesterday was great also, I went shopping and bought an antique, then went to Chambers for out St Patricks night do. The band were only OK, not really Irish enough, and definitely didn't play enough of the good songs, but we had a great time anyway, lots more beer.

On the subject of beer, I drank my homebrew, no-one was very impressed with it though, and also my CAMRA1 membership turned up.

I nearly forgot to post this, hope your St Patrick's day was good:

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