Blog2005 ≫ So, one week as a married man

Damn, do you think they make these1 but not in leather? I think I need one.

It's got built in massagers and a fridge and a phone, as well as being a regular comfy recliner... You can get it at drinkstuff.com2, I should see if they have an affilliate programme, it's nearly a grand...

Raining today, though still felt hot enough to have no jacket, looks pretty gloomy out though. Not a good start to the weekend for those heading off to V Festival.

The cute little Time Team style trench that was cut into the road in front of Cannon Street station has now become a major disaster area! The whole of the road is closed, dug up, a right mess, and the smell is still there. I took some pictures today (I like holes in the road) and I will post them up here soon. It's part of Queen Street Pilot Scheme3, but it looks like it was the same pilots who took down the World Trade Centre to me.

Speaking of pictures, I'm well into Flickr right now. Signed up ages ago and though "I can do that", but now I realise how great it is, I might transfer all my snaps over. I am at right now, CHECK ME OUT! They can organise these things a lot better than I can, and I can probably integrate my pics from their site more easily than from my own.

In other news, possibly trying to organise a booze run, sort out an unspeakable misunderstanding between chums, organise a booze run, get a new mobile phone for free with Ro's help, find out which Farringdon hairdresser doubles up as a strip club, and being disappointed yet again by the world of stocks and shares. Oh and working, really really really hard. I could do with a sit in that lazy boy right now.

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