Blog2011 ≫ A hectic morning tracking down a bug

It's tough but interesting being back in the old team again1, instead of just being able to concentrate on the one project I am pulled from pillar to post firefighting. Enjoying it though. Today the rest of the old new team are in London, so do I miss it? Would be a nice day to be out and about in Exmouth Market for lunch, but I had a lovely lunch anyway, one of the super sausage casserole platters I made last week, with the potato and swede mash, leeks, roast carrots, and peas.

Had a less successful cook up yesterday, more of a cock up, I tried paella again, my take on it anyway. All turned out a bit bland, and maybe I undercooked it a bit. Still edible though.

Got another day off tomorrow to cover for Clare working, so looking forward to that. Unfortunately it's not the start of a super weekend as I'm back in Friday.

Another good thing about work today is we did a record number of bookings yesterday, this makes everyone feel good. Only just got paid, which included a quarterly profit share, so we're nearly three months away from seeing the benefit of this one but at least I know it's coming.

Have not had my shed delivered yet, but we did pick up our new bin2 yesterday. I do know how to treat myself.

Bah just had lunch break disturbed to say I have not fixed this bug yet...

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