Blog2008 ≫ MJ Hibbett at Edinburgh Fringe

Specifically for Nick really who didn't believe MJ Hibbett1 was playing Edinburgh:

Me and Mr S Hewitt went up to Edinburgh last month to CASE OUT some venues for the Fringe version of "My Exciting Life In ROCK" (still thrusting forward at and after dutifully investigating MANY venues (which just HAPPENED to be pubs) found one we really really wanted and are now pretty much BOOKED.

We've also arranged a World Premiere of the show, on the Friday night of this year's Indie Tracks festival3. We're the only band on that night, which technically means that The Validators are co-headlining the festival with The Wedding Present! Tickets to our bit were available to the first 100 people to book tickets for the whole weekend, which I'm afraid have all gone now - I suppose that means I'd better get on and work out what on earth the show's going to BE, hadn't I?

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