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Doh, there will be no London opening for a forthcoming musical of JRR Tolkein's (that's who wrote it, did you know that?) Lord Of The Rings, reports The Guardian and many others1... This will be the most expensive musical ever made, and there's not a big enough West End theatre available to show it available. Only three London theatres would be big enough - the Lyceum, the Dominion and the Drury Lane - and they're booked up at the time of the proposed opening (March 23rd 2006) with The Lion King, We Will Rock You, and The Producers. So it's going to Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre2 instead. Time to start thinking about our first big post honeymoon holiday saus..?

Here's a pic I snapped from the bus of where that Please drive by carefully in our village graffiti / stencil was.

auto image

See, the whole bridge is GONE! If you peer between the houses and shops while travelling down Kingsland Road you can see most sections of this train line that were bridges over roads and things have been demolished, but work is ongoing. As the Inspector says it's part of the East London Line Extension3.

I've had to take mod_perl off the popex server, I installed it too hastily and in it's super efficient way it's caching login information, so it's mixing up who is logged in. This is not good. Back to the drawing board.

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