Blog2024 ≫ Bedlam In Belgium

We're off to Belgium to see AC/DC!

This morning did not start so well, I had one job, get these tickets, on sale at 10am. Good job I checked in earlier than that, 10am in Belgium that is of course, so 9am here.

You are 35000th in the queue...

35,000 people ahead of me in the queue. We think this is an ENORMOUS venue they are playing, festival ground of 200,000 people but this still might not work. Then a fearful moment at 6,000th in the queue when it said "you have no internet connection try again", but a refresh kept my place in the queue... is rejecting all cookies going to punish me here? Then a banner appeared saying "no or limited tickets available", so they might be all gone...but my queue number keeps dropping and the banner then disappeared. FINALLY got to front of the queue, and then I'm not logged in on, and then I don't know my ticketmaster password, and then my payment was rejected TWICE. It does look a suspicious payment, three festival tickets in a foreign country. But finally via paypal we got them.

Now to sort out the time off, how to get there, etc. My friend Sean is booking the tunnel and accomodation, he's going to drive. And we can stop in Bruges for a beer on the way back!

Thirty years ago today rap trio Gunshot at the Wedgewood Rooms, who are they?

Now time for my day off electrical DIY, then get the kids out for swimming!

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