Blog2010 ≫ So long 6Music

Confirmed to be axed today. Still at least the sun is out.

Nice bright spring day today, a smashing day to get official confirmation from the BBC that 6Music is to be shut down. Seriously, cull radio one if you want to save some money / not duplicate what EVERY OTHER RADIO STATION is doing. Where do I go now, what do I listen to again? Back to Radio 4 I suppose, though I was really enjoying actually listening to music again.

Got the car with me today, but can't go home for my dinner as Clare has ladies-what-lunch round. I hope all the babies are behaving, they seemed to be when I phoned. The boy is too excited at having visitors round to have a lunchtime nap though.

Wouldn't mind a lunchtime nap myself. Instead, today I had a pot noodle, watched a bit of the TV news regarding 6Music, and now I'm going back to work.

Please no-one mention KISS today.

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