Blog2006 ≫ Fastr

Fastr - a game based on flickr1... guess the common tag of the pictures that appear, the quicker you do the more points you get.

Got to do more work on my ajax database selector today - when you come back to a form to edit it, the selector is just BLANK, though there is a numerical value hidden in there. Need to make it show something sensible, ideally without it doing another request in the background. But maybe that will be the easiest way...

More Arctic Monkeys, just look at their graph on popex:

7 days of the Arctic Monkeys

That's a bit faint as it's meant to be seen on the dark popex background... anyway, see that constant climbing. Going to be a number one this week in the album charts too, this means even more dividends next week, which means more of a climb... in the past shares like Eminem have gone up to a hundred quid or more, think I might be sticking with these for a while. If you're not signed up to popex, then please do. It's free and that, and it's my day job.

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