Blog2011 ≫ Where did my holiday go?

It's the last official day of my summer holiday as I write this, how did that happen? The boy is at nursery and we have done our cleaning tasks for the morning, and all the door handles and things are back in place after my decorating, so I am sat down with a coffee and a piece of ginger cake, relaxing until it is time to fetch him. Or until Clare finds me something else to put in the loft of get from the loft.

Started our holiday over a week ago now with a nice easy drive to Mum and Dad's on Thursday morning. The new Hindhead tunnel is open now, so we did the whoel journey in about two hours and five minutes, our best time ever. The boy slept all the way so we didn't need to stop for him, and just powered on until we got there. It being a Thursday early afternoon everyone was still at work, so we had lunch and shopped a bit until Dad came in. Then to Kerry's for chilli, and to hear George play his guitar, he has suddenly become amazing.

After dinner Clare and I had the first of many pub trips, to The Seagull, thinking it would be quiet and we could play pool. It was heaving! It's midweek, not even pay day, pubs are closing left right and centre but The Seagull (closest pub to Mum and Dads, where I used to work) was bustling. It's a Hungry Horse now and they have some very cheap meal deals on, apparently Thursday is one of their peak days, two meals for one or free side or something. We did not play pool.

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