Blog2005 ≫ Parcel Farce

Oh man I love automated phone systems, just been stuck in parcel farce1's stupid automated phone system. Once I got through to an operator it was all cool, I can collect these Christmas presents (yeah, bit last minute), but I had a fake sincere actors voice going "hmm, I didn't get that, please repeat your postcode again" and giving me examples of postcodes.

This is not the first thing I'm pissed off about, what's the point of delivering to a home address during work hours and needing a signature? The last bundle I got from Amazon was fine, they left it with a neighbour, and usually things fit through the door just fine, but this time I've ordered too much. Do the majority of houses have someone at home during the day to receive parcels and things?

At least I can collect this stuff now from the post office, at the very last minute, Christmas might just be saved.

Apart from being pissed off with just how rubbish trying to get things delivered is, today is good. I woke up feeling sprightly, had a little nap on the train and was in work early and feeling good. I expect to feel a little more sluggish this afternoon as we're off to the pub at lunch for a workmate's birthday / christmas combo.

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