Blog2010 ≫ Snow blind!

Was very bright when I went out to watch the snowskaters, but still deep #uksnow here

Still deep snow here, and bright sun at times, quite dazzling. Not snowing right now, not been much at all today. I can hear the irregular plop of huge loads of snow sliding off the roof, hope it doesn't all melt soon.

Chaps in the office have made a snow ramp for Gav's snow skate thing, and are sliding down the hill in mail bags. The tea tray has been returned. I took some pictures and video but the battery died pretty quickly, so can't review them just yet.

I threw this video out as an addendum yesterday so not many people probably saw it, worth repeating:

I went out to video to distract myself from a trip to Starbucks, day eight and I'm still clean.

We have a viewing on the flat this afternoon, I am not expecting much from it though, a couple down for the day from London viewing many flats, most likely up for making a rude offer.

The boy is very good right now, not a peep in the night and I had to wake him this morning. He has a huge appetite right now. He's meant to be going to his first Water Babies tomorrow, but it's cancelled again because of the snow.

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