Blog2018 ≫ Princes Parade planning meeting

Not sure if this is a standard letter that I got but it seems like they're trying to discourage people from attending the planning meeting.

Please be advised that this application is to be considered by the Planning & Licensing Committee on 31st July 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone. The Committee report and recommendation will be available five clear working days before the meeting and may be viewed at www.folkestone-[hythe](/wiki/#hythe) Supplementary sheets will be available the day before the meeting. Please be aware that there are two large applications being considered at this meeting so it may last considerably longer than normal and there may not be time to consider all the items on the agenda. Therefore, unless you are speaking you may prefer to watch the meeting live on the Council’s website.

I heard yesterday that the "moving the road" plan may already have been thrown out, which is great. That was a ridiculous plan, geared towards making the new houses more valuable rather than making better use of the land, by giving them direct access on to the beach. That to me is a more shocking proposal than building on this land to start with.

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