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Just heard from a mate, turns out he's secretly blogging too, and he1 found this page via I will look for ettiquette type tips from him, and be exploring all his links and that...

Not sure if I will wear my Iraqi Info Minister t-shirt again2, but hopefully my chums can make some money from this best of DVD3...

Washed my hair with shampoo for the first time in something like seven years today4, it's gone weird and fluffy. I am expecting it to turn completely grey5 and fall out within the week.

Forgot the camera to snap the library, and still don't remember the company who are auctioning off the library, but I have noticed a couple of other things of continuing interest (uh, to me only) on the way in today... there seem to be more houses for sale on Brownswood Road, house prices have to stumble a bit soon. Holden Matthews6have one up for grabs, haven't7 looked at them before... Also "they" are doing some work on the lines on that road, they seemed to be putting more parking spaces in though, rather than red routing the whole thing, boo.

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