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In an attempt to make this less boring, I'll not be mentioning the 106 bus for at least a week. I was going to post up a picture of how someone had hacksawed away a part of the luggage rack on a train, but I think that would only have reinforced the view that this is some kind of collection of dullness, so instead here's a snap of one of the highlights of my weekend, Goldie Lookin' Chain at the Leas Cliff Hall:

I've seen Daphne and Celeste, I've see Kevin Rowland in a neglige, I've even seen the Manic Street Preachers, so I've seen some bad crowd reactions in my time... I've never seen a band get such an embarrassingly bad reaction as the Chain did on Sunday night... The crowd were booing, throwing stuff and standing with their middle fingers raised for the whole set. No-one got it at all, and no-one was prepared to give them a chance... this was Folkestone's loss, and when the GLC return, as heroes, as they inevitably will, everyone in that crowd will say "I loved them, it was everyone else"... It's kind of to be expected, and a bit unfair of The Darkness to take a non rock act out on tour with them, it feels like someone resented doing those gigs and so put Beastie Boyos out as a warm up to say a big "fuck you" to the crowd. Hopefully it's not that, and that it's that someone in charge likes the GLC as much as I do and thought it would be fun, but it's fair to say Folkestone weren't ready for them. I wonder if they had any easier a time at Portsmouth? Can't see it.

The Darkness were good also, thankfully no outing of the christmas single, more of a review and some pictures tomorrow when I'm back at work. Messed up today, missed the train back to London and so took the day as holiday. Rest of the weekend was great, Earls Avenue got the seal of approval from the family, and we've hopefully lined up some furniture to go in. Should complete on this really soon. Managed to get in a few visits to Chambers, and also made more steps towards adopting Folkestone as my new home town by reading the local papers. Great news in the The Folkestone Herald, the high speed rail link looks like running from Folkestone Central to Folkestone West, Sandling and then direct from there to Kings Cross, which will be ideal for commuting... hope the price isn't too high.

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