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It's time for a roundup of things I've lazily ripped off before heading home, first this piece about metblogs1, interesting. I am trying REALLY HARD to read something rude into "soliciting... advertising" but I can't quite make it. Also New Cross, the new Hoxton2 seems to be a massive work of crap, though I longed for articles like that when I was living there. There's been some interest at last in Folkestone from the Guardian3, all about the creative scene there. It's probably similarly unrecognisable to the drinkers and shavers of Folkestone, but HEY, I'm proper invested in there now, so bring this sort of thing on! Though the leading light of the piece - Roger De Haan - does make a point of saying they don't want Folkestone Creative Quarter to become a new Hoxton:

De Haan has looked at Hoxton in London and Temple Bar in Dublin and is determined that Folkestone's development won't follow the same trajectory. "There have been a lot of regeneration projects elsewhere that have been very successful in using artists to kick-start projects, but then as the places are regenerated, the rents rise and the artists are forced out." To counter this, De Haan's Creative Foundation4 has acquired about 90,000 sq ft of property in the area so it is in a position to control rents over the long term, protecting artists from the downside of economic recovery.

BOOO, NO, send property prices racing up! Hmm, maybe this should be over on the Folkestone Forum...

Done some RSS work today too, using XML::RSS5 to create my feeds now, hope they're still working...

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