Blog2024 ≫ Glad I bought the dip

Nice to have this pointed out with me, Lloyds shares have leapt up today. So strong rumours about the earnings report causing speculation. Shares are at exactly 43p as I write this, and still rising. They were 41p yesterday.

Swimming was good. The boys talked me out of a pub lunch, so we got Tesco meal deals and came home. It's nice out though, the walk back from dropping the car off in a bit will be nice.

Going to have a coffee to get me fired up for the DIY1. I just have not found time to have one the last couple of days2. Yesterday's work was so busy. I started at about half seven to get ahead of the game for something going live at nine, and then started getting messages just before nine that it couldn't go live, something was wrong, this turned into a multi-department incident. Lots of "well it's not our department" before we figured out what had been switched on that was making something else look like it wasn't working. Not an actual incident, all good, just a surprising cross contamination in the test environment. All went well and live in the end, but a) it ended up taking up quite a bit of the day, and b) I was too busy to make use of the free energy this morning. I still had to put the washing machine and tumble dryer on, it just meant I had to pay for it, gah. I did some great work in the CI/CD devops area in the afternoon3.

Price per cup of coffee doesn't look like it's going to fall much now.

Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze, 5 - 13℃.

Estimated 1574 cups of coffee from my espresso machine4 probably comes to £1.10 a cup (including actual coffee and now servicing4 but not the 'leccy).


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