Blog2009 ≫ A grey day today

grey, wet, dull, blee.

Grey and misty this morning, but has turned to rain now. Cold, but no sign of snow here.

Watched Hamlet1 last night, one of 75,000,000 programmes that David Tennant was on over christmas. It was quite good. I had never seen any Hamlet before, we did Macbeth at school.

Another night in tonight, not watching Hamlet, but I can choose my own evening's viewing as Clare is off OUT! On a school night! Well it's a school night for me, but not for her or the people she is going out with. On nights like this I tend to do some computer work on a current project, but I don't really have anything right now. I need to do some iphone stuff but can only do that at work, where I have no time.

We have plans for tomorrow night now, been invited to a friends house but then we are going to Chambers too. I'm not really in the mood for going out at all, how sad!

💬 New Years Eve Party

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