Blog2010 ≫ Maybe I can make a shed out of a barrel...

As a post script to the other day's wondering about sheds and barrels, look here1 lots of people posing in front of massive wine barrels. Where can I get a massive wine barrel like that? It would be big enough to use as a dream shed, AND as a bonus it would smell of booze!

I've finally just about run out of Tabasco at work, the big bottle I bought in America one time has come to an end. I like buying things in America, you get supersize versions of them at a lower price. I am probably too mean to replace this bottle of Tabasco from a shop in England.

Day two of not talking to anyone at work in case they mention Lost is going OK. Going to watch the second half of the finale tonight. Am also having to stay off the internet at large in case people are talking about it on Twitter etc. No loss really!

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