Blog2010 ≫ Americans: too much money or unrealistic expectations?

What's with these KISS and Pacman ebay prices?

Clare has had a day of packing and clearing out and has sorted some things for rubbish - things I think I can sell! I have [one of these](" title="NAMCO Pacman TV game) that I'm going to sell, and [one of these](" title="KISS dollies) which I am not. Yet. What crazy prices, what is going on? Loads of the Pacman TV game at 99p and not looking likely to raise much more than that, so why is someone selling that one for $100? What am I missing?


Still no new bids on my items... Still a night in clicking on refresh will just make the bidders appear won't it? Clare has just gone out, our friend Emma is visiting so they have headed off to the pub. I'll get my pubbing in later in the week, I have Thursday and Friday off work.

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