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FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Folkestone Festival!

Will be on the Rotunda land on 1st August! #music #festival

On the Rotunda land on the 1st August! Odd announcement what with the Zoo fest deciding not to go ahead. All power to this one, let's support it and please no-one send out misleading press releases slagging them off!

Email or twitter me1 for the address to send the free tickets to!

Feeder, Ash, Gary Numan, Hundred Reasons, Kids In Glass Houses, Attack! Attack!, Sonic Boom Six & In Case Of Fire hit the Kent coast this summer for a one-day music festival by local promoters Hevy2.

Folkestone's seafront has recently been cleared in preparation for the exciting redevelopment of this historic seaside town. Formerly home to vintage amusement park 'Rotunda', this large area of land at the foot of Folkestone's cliffs enjoys unspoiled views of the English Channel, with the sun setting out to sea. To utilize this spectacular site before work begins, local promoters Hevy are organising an alternative music festival for Saturday 1st August 2009.

"There are many fantastic new festivals being developed in Kent this year. Having grown up in Canterbury, it's great to see so much live music being offered in this corner of the UK. To try to create something a bit different, and cater for a market that we felt could do with some attention, we're developing this as an alternative music festival."

"For our first year we're keeping things simple with a one-day event featuring a diverse line-up of huge bands from the world of alternative music. We're hoping to develop the event next year, with more bands on more stages, possibly over a number of days."

"We're unbelievably excited to be bringing these huge names to Folkestone, but our aim has always been to develop the local music scene and support the wealth of talent Kent has to offer. We're now on the hunt for Kent's greatest bands to play the festival's second stage. Bands can get in touch on our website -"

  - [Hevy](/wiki/#hevy/fesival) founder James. 

Hevy Music FestivalFolkestone Seafront (CT20 1PU)

Saturday 1st August 2009 • Gates Open 1pm • Tickets 48 • On Sale Friday 24th April

Buy tickets online at or in person from the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

[ticket]Folkestone Festival[/ticket]

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